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Špalíkovač PTO Model RP-200 + Pásový dopravník 3m

129 639 CZK s DPH

Náklady na doručení: 3981 CZK s DPH

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Minimální / doporučený výkon 90/150 HP
Hmotnost 485 kg
Max. průměr řezu (čerstvé měkké dřevo) 160 mm
Max. průměr řezu (čerstvé tvrdé dřevo) 150 mm
Max. průměr řezu (suché tvrdé dřevo) 140 mm
Tloušťka skříně 20 mm
Provedení řezacích nožů Ocel HARDOX 500
Vstupní trychtýř 62/38 cm
Připevňovací systém Závěs tříbodový
Závěs pro přívěs 1000 kg
Délka / šířka dopravního pásu 300/30 cm
Pohon pásového dopravníku Hydraulický motor
Úhel natočení pasového dopravníku 90˚
Max. pracovní výška se sklonem 45° 230 cm
Délka řezaných větví (6 nožů) 18-30 cm
Délka řezaných větví (8 nožů) 15-25 cm
Hmotnost štěpkovače s pasovým dopravníkem 600 kg


Tractor blocker PTO Model RP-200

The  RP-200 PROFESSIONAL blocker  is designed for cutting branches up to 16  cm in diameter , completely designed and manufactured by  REMET CNC TECHNOLOGY . The frame is made of metal profiles with a wide support spacing, folding entrance funnel with high rigidity reinforced profile. The chipper is equipped with a safety switch controlling the inlet funnel (the safety switch should be connected to the emergency safety module in the tractor). Cutting mechanism precisely manufactured on CNC machining centers in one piece to ensure the right quality, accuracy and concentricity, which is reflected in the long life of components and the entire equipment. The mechanism is equipped with an expansion sleeve for positioning the cutters  knives, which also has a protective function in the event of an emergency overload The chipper can be equipped with a flywheel / pulley and a collapsible belt conveyor with pick-ups, thanks to which the material can be ejected longitudinally or sideways, making working with the blocker even more efficient and much more comfortable.

The drive of the blocker is transmitted by the PTO shaft from the tractor PTO shaft (clockwise movement). We recommend using power transmission shafts equipped with a clutch with a shear pin (available in our offer), in case of machine overload the pin is cut and the drive is disconnected. 

Processed wood is an efficient and environmentally friendly fuel, ideal for combustion in all types of heating boilers.

The blades of the cutting mechanism are made of wear-resistant HARDOX steel, which guarantees long and efficient operation of the machine.


  • reinforced welded construction (fully demountable)
  • additional rear shaft for flywheel / pulley
  • adjustable clearance between the knives
  • induction hardened gears
  • reinforced frame made of metal profiles
  • extended inlet funnel with safety switch reinforced with profile
  • towing device for trailer
  • three-point attachment system behind the tractor  

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