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Diskový štěpkovač RTS-630 (bez podvozku)

43 250 CZK s DPH

Náklady na doručení: 3480 CZK s DPH

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Hmotnost 260 kg
Max. průměr řezu (čerstvé měkké dřevo) 100 mm
Max. průměr řezu (čerstvé tvrdé dřevo) 80 mm
Max. průměr řezu (suché tvrdé dřevo) 60 mm
Provedení řezacích nožů Ocel HARDOX 500
Vstupní trychtýř 48 / 48 cm
Připevňovací systém Závěs tříbodový
Průměr řezného kotouče 620 mm
Počet nožů 4 + 1 protiostří
Úhel otáčení vyhazovacího komínu 360˚
Výška vyhazovacího komínu 165


Disc chipper RTS-630 (without chassis)

NOTICE! DUE TO THE LACK OF CERTAIN PARTS, ORDERS OF THIS CHIPPER WILL BE MADE FROM MARCH 30, 2020. All information is provided by telephone - sales department.

Disc chipper with internal combustion engine Lifan 15 HP, RTS-630 is designed for crushing branches, tree trunks up to 10 cm in diameter and other wood materials such as litter. The thickness of the chips obtained can be adjusted with four replaceable knives (made of HRDOX type 500 steel) by adjusting their position relative to the opposite blade. The knives are bolted to a cutting disc with a diameter of 620 mm, which gives traction due to its weight.

The chipper is equipped with covers ensuring safe work. The ejector stack can be rotated 360 ° to direct the material flow in the correct direction. The crusher is characterized by high efficiency and high work comfort. The chips obtained can be used as fuel (suitable for screw feeders) or as compost or litter for bushes.

The rolling bearings are lubricated by means of lubricators in the bearing housing.

The illustrative photos show a wood chipper with a chassis for manual transport, which is not included in this price offer. The chassis version is available in a different price configuration. 

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